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A Colourful Return to School

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School welcomed back the full cohort of students back to its Carnes Hill campus this week after months of remote learning. School principal Brother Nicholas Harsas said the school decided


Remote Learning Showcase

Year 6 student Marcus Papic of Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill (pictured) admits remote learning can be challenging, but he’s found ways to make things easier, like calling friends up so they can work in a


Enrolling now at Holy Spirit

At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill, every child receives a high quality education tailored to their needs. Our team of committed and passionate teachers work together to encourage the passions and skills


Numeracy in Action

Although they not together in class, our Year 4 students at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill have been busy learning about literacy and numeracy. Projects have included creating their very own shop

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